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Carb Quality Matters

miniflex Sep 30, 2022

I wouldn't Yeah, I would say that's, that's pretty accurate. I think one thing I would say, though, is that some people will. And I did this for a while to like, will kind of say like, oh, well, if I don't, you know, if I'm, what's carbohydrates, for example, in sugar, if it's causing all this kind of pollution, like you mentioned, or people will say inflammation, right? Then why would I ever want to go there?

Right. But I think, again, it comes back to what, like, the specific goal that you have. And also comes back to the foods that you're eating too, because this is something that I think a lot of people get a little confused is that when when someone refers to processed foods, or packaged foods, or you know, candy and things like that, people immediately think that that's all carbohydrates and sugar. And yeah, it is, there's a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in there too. But there's also fat in there too.

So it's those two things combined in the process. And that side of things is something that we also need to understand too, because again, when we're going back to the strawberries and the sweet potatoes and the whole foods, those are things that you know, will have a different effect in your body. If you're having, you know, a sweet potato versus a a bowl of pasta or you know, some bread like wonderbread that they have different effects in your body based off of the nutrients you're absorbing based off the fiber all of that. So that's also things that we need to think about just like kind of the the quality of the food as well.

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