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5-Minute Protein Ice Cream

desserts recipes Jun 15, 2019
Sometimes you just need a HUGE bowl of low-carb, low-calorie, sugar-free ice cream to end the I right?? 😆
But seriously, what's better than sitting down with a big bowl of guilt-free ice cream that takes 5 minutes to make and actually tastes pretty dang good! Ice cream is my weakness, so I've set out to make a super simple (but still delicious) low-carb, low-calorie version that can be doctored up however you like.
A few quick notes about the recipe:
  • Different protein powders will yield different consistencies depending on the type, other ingredients, etc. I like to mix different ones (I.e. whey, casein) for best consistency and flavor
    • Check out my Shop Page for protein powder recommendations + discounts!
  • If you're not a fan of xanthan gum (some people claim it causes digestive issues) you can leave it out, try sunflower lecithin, or try this alternative. However, the texture won't be as close to real ice cream (but it will still taste delicious!). You could always add some plain yogurt or frozen fruit to bring the texture back as well. 
  • If you need a food scale, I highly recommend this one from Amazon. It's cheap and has lasted me a long time!
Prep Time:
5 mins
 Cool Time:
0 mins 
Total Time
5 mins

Makes 1 Serving


  • ~1 cup (220-240mL) unsweetened cashew milk (or milk of choice) 
  • 30-40 grams protein powder
    • Check out my Shop Page for protein powder recommendations + discounts!
  • ¼ tsp xanthan gum
  • 350-400 grams ice


  1. In a high-speed blender, add cashew milk, protein powder, xanthan gum and ice (in that order).
  2. Cover and set at low speed. Turn on and let blend for 2-3 minutes (may need to stir occasionally).
  3. Remove the lid, scrape down the sides, and then cover and blend again on the highest setting for ~15-20 seconds. If using a Vitamix or similar blender, use the mixing tool and constantly stir while the mixture is blending on high speed. If you don't have a powerful blender, you will probably have to stop and start it a few times, scraping down the sides in between blends.
  4. Once the mixture becomes thick and creamy, you're good to go! (Be patient, it can take a few minutes to get there)
  5. Transfer to a bowl, add toppings if desired, and enjoy! I highly recommend this stainless steel insulated bowl - keeps everything nice and cold (while keeping your hands warm and avoids excessive melting - unless you like soupy ice cream!) 😉


Feel free to add toppings of your choice to spruce it up a bit! My favorites include:

Nutrition Per Serving Varies depending on protein powder and toppings.
Average Nutrition Per Serving (without toppings): 156 Calories, 4g Fat, 26g Protein, 4g Carbs
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