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Episode 104: 8-Month Building Phase Results & Plan For Next Cut

podcast Mar 19, 2021

In this episode, Rachel discusses her experience being in an eight month building phase, how to embrace being uncomfortable to accomplish a goal, telltale signs it’s time to switch your nutrition/fitness regiment, tools to try during a fat loss phase, the value of increasing your NEAT and more!

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“I don't rely on motivation to go to the gym, because motivation ebbs and flows day-to-day. So you really shouldn't rely on motivation for anything, really, especially when it comes to nutrition and training.” Rachel Gregory

Top Takeaways:

  • Macros during the 8 month building phase
  • Why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone
  • A sustainable rate of fat loss to shoot for per week
  • Rachel’s recommendation for daily protein intake 
  • Benefits of higher protein during a fat loss phase
  • General time frame for being in a fat loss phase
  • #1 tip to help meal prepping for the week

Today’s Questions:

  • What’s the mental game when you cut your calories? I can’t seem to stick with it.
  • If you have body fat to lose, can you just use that to get your gains while in a calorie deficit?
  • Can you explain your workout routine during your building phase? And how often did you eat?

Show Notes:



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Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami.

Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).


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