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Episode 144: Resistance Training For Health & Longevity with Sal Di Stefano

podcast Dec 17, 2021

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Listeners can find Sal De Stephano at his website, and on Instagram @mindpumpsal  


Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer and co-founder of Mind Pump Media and co-host of Mind Pump, an online radio show/podcast that is dedicated to providing truthful fitness and health information. He is also the designer of the Muscular Adaptation Programming System (MAPS Fitness Products). Sal is dedicated to prioritizing health over appearance, and he aims to shift the direction of the fitness industry from aesthetic- and insecurity-based to one based on self-love and self-care.

In this episode, we chat all about the stigmas with resistance training, why the fitness industry coined the word ‘toned’ for women, reasons resistance training is the leading type of exercise for overall health, benefits to creating muscle memory, and more!

There is no form of exercise that reliably increases bone density, like resistance training, it's so effective, there's nothing that comes close to it.” Sal Di Stefano 

Top Takeaways:

  • Why resistance training produces more “permanent” results 
  • Benefits to building muscle and creating muscle memory
  • Reasons resistance training directly encourages “youthful” hormone levels
  • Three reasons women may be afraid to train heavy

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Intro to the trailer 
  • [0:30] Rachel gives a brief bio of guest Sal De Stefano  
  • [1:30] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel welcomes guest Sal Di Stefano @mindpumpsal  
  • [2:00] Sal gives a brief background of his journey and how he became a personal trainer and co-founder of Mind Pump Media
  • [3:30] The Resistance Training Revolution 
  • [4:00] Why did you decide to write The Resistance Training Revolution, and who is it for?
  • [7:00] The Complete Book of Running
  • [11:00] “Muscles don’t tone. They build or they shrink.” Sal Di Stefano
  • [12:00] In terms of longevity and health, studies are showing resistance training is the best form of exercise
  • [13:30] Question: Why does resistance training produce more permanent results?
  • [19:30] “In modern societies, having a metabolism that burns more calories is a tremendous benefit. It's one of the greatest buffers you can have against chronic disease.” Sal Di Stefano
  • [23:00] Question: Why does resistance training directly encourage “youthful” hormones levels?
  • [28:00] “There is no form of exercise that reliably increases bone density, like resistance training, it's so effective, there's nothing that comes close to it.” Sal Di Stefano 
  • [30:00] Benefits of progressive overload and how lifting weights doesn’t cause one to become bulky 
  • [36:00] Question: What are your thoughts on circuit style training like Orange Theory and CrossFit compared to traditional hypertrophy bodybuilding style training?
  • [38:00] “All forms of activity, I don't care what it is, so long as they're appropriate, because you can overdo anything or do anything wrong. All forms of activity done appropriately, have health benefits.” Sal Di Stefano
  • [39:00] Question: In your opinion, what are the best bodyweight exercises?
  • [41:00] Question: Does training fasted burn muscle?
  • [45:30] Question: We hear training “to failure” often but what does it actually mean in a practical sense?
  • [52:30] Question: What is your opinion and experience with ketogenic or low carb diets?
  • [57:00] Question: Is there anything you’ve changed your mind about in the past year, and why?
  • [1:00:30] Arthur Brooks
  • [1:03:00] To check out more from Sal visit his website, his podcast Mind Pump Media, and on Instagram @mindpumpsal  
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