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Episode 29: Aaron Straker: Objective Eating, Setting Realistic Expectations To Match Your Lifestyle and Importance Of Tracking Data

podcast Jun 23, 2020

Listeners can find Aaron Straker at, and on Instagram @aaron_straker


Aaron Straker is a N.A.S.N. Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist and a self-described “general iron sports enthusiast.” 

He prefers a pragmatic approach to nutrition that focuses on simple food selection, the importance of nutrient density, and the importance of objectivity in dieting and reporting. 

Operating Straker Nutrition Company, he provides nutrition coaching programs and education on exactly how to leverage nutrition for improving body composition safely and sustainably, by leveraging nutrition periodization phasing. 

Aaron is passionate about providing sound education and information in the fitness and nutrition space and putting nutrition at the forefront of producing optimal health.

In this episode, we talk about Objective Eating, the efficacy of tracking data, and setting realistic expectations to match your lifestyle.

Top Takeaways:

  • What objective eating is and why it’s important to understand objective eating vs. subjective eating
  • Importance of comparing satiety when it comes to whole foods and processed foods
  • Nutrition labels are not 100% accurate...
  • The importance of tracking and recording data
  • Signs and symptoms of insulin resistance
  • Why meal plans are not great for long-term sustainability
  • The Priority/Progress Matrix

Show Notes: 

Listen to the full episode HERE. 


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