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Episode 68: Yo-Yo Dieting, Determining Rest Periods, Carb Cycling Around Workouts, And More!

podcast Nov 06, 2020

In this episode, Rachel talks about how to optimize your workouts, when to incorporate a goal shift, rest periods at the gym, carb cycling, strengthening your metabolism, and more!

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Todays Questions:

  • How do you determine how much rest to take during sets during a workout?
  • When you feel like you've built the muscle you want, should you break and do a period of cardio?
  • I've been listening to your podcast specifically about carb cycling. I want to start incorporating this because I feel like I've stalled in my weight loss with keto and have incorporated heavier workouts. I'm a numbers driven person. So when I do a carb cycle on those days that I do heavier workouts, is there a timeframe or calorie burn that helps determine if it's a heavier workout?
  • What should you do if you've compromised your metabolism from yo yo dieting?
  • Do you plant fibers help or hinder recovery from endometriosis?
  • When is the next round of the keto for women program?

Top Takeaways:

  • How many minutes of rest you should give yourself in the gym
  • A general rule of thumb on how to stack your workouts to get the most out of each muscle group
  • How long you should let your body practice being in a maintenance state 
  • If you’re spinning your wheels with your goals, it might be time to invest in a coach

Show Notes:



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Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami.

Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).



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