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Episode 141: Keys To Growing Muscle As A Female Part 2 with Alex Bush

podcast Nov 26, 2021

Listeners can find Alex Bush at his website, on Instagram @alexbush_, and YouTube @Physique Development 

Alex Bush is a coach, trainer, and co-founder of the online coaching platform, Physique Development. He has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science as well as several continuing education certifications including N1, PN1, and CSCS. Alex has been coaching for 8 years and has worked with over a thousand competitive physique athletes as well as lifestyle clients. Alex resides in Ohio with his wife, Sue, and Pups, Gus & Tucker.


In this episode, Alex and Rachel discuss the remaining key factors to growing muscle as a female: why you could be getting in your own way at the gym, how much time you should invest in a building phase, how to find balance while also making physique progress, and much more!

“Discipline Leads to Freedom.” Alex Bush

Top Takeaways:

  • How to get the most out of an RDL
  • Alex’s recommended amount of time to be in a building phase 
  • Try this tip if the scale causes stress but you still want to see progress over time
  • Accountability is key. Why even coaches need coaches!

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Trailer introduction to the episode
  • [1:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel welcomes guest Alex Bush @alexbush_ to the listeners  
  • [3:00] Keys To Growing Muscle As A Female Part 1 with Alex Bush  
  • [4:00] Fourth Key: Exercise Execution 
  • [6:00] How to get the most out of an RDL
  • [10:00] Question: Can you speak to the difference between sensation versus actual tension and stimulus in the muscle tissue??
  • [16:00] Fifth Key: Periodized Training / Progressive Overload of Stimulus
  • [23:00] Sixth Key: Time/ Patience
  • [26:00] Question: What's the minimum time frame that you would recommend someone go through a building phase?
  • [31:00] Episode 104: 8-Month Building Phase Results & Plan For Next Cut
  • [36:30] Seventh Key: Audit Social Media Outlets
  • [40:00] Eighth Key: Life Outside of Training - 'Balance'
  • [43:00] “Discipline Leads to Freedom.” Alex Bush
  • [46:00] Benefits of investing in a coach! 
  • [52:00] If you’re listening to this and want to apply for one-on-one coaching with Rachel check out
  • [53:00] Episode 140: Keys To Growing Muscle As A Female Part 1 with Alex Bush
  • [54:00] Listeners can find Alex Bush at his website, on Instagram @alexbush_ and YouTube @Physique Development 
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