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Achieving that "toned" look through Building Muscle

miniflex Aug 10, 2022

Because I work with a lot of clients one on one, and take a very practical approach to kind of like everything. So like, just looking at overall lifestyle that so the periodization part of it is really just like, Okay, if someone comes to me and they're like, I want to lose weight, it's like, Alright, first media backup and find out where you're starting and really look like, okay, yes, you want to lose weight or lose body fat. And, you know, we have, like, I have a minimum three month commitment with all my clients. So it's like, alright, let's, let's look six months from now and see where you want to be six months from now or even a year from now and then kind of reverse engineer that in the term in the sense of like, periodization.

Okay, are we going into a fat loss phase? Are we looking to find your maintenance? Are we going to try to build as much muscle as possible? Like, are we going into muscle building phase? And then throughout that, like in a fat loss phase, we go through? Okay, do we need to take a diet break? Are you going to be traveling, like, does that work into it, you know, things like refeeds, and then obviously, reverse dieting. So all kind of like the phases of a periodization cycle. If we were if I was taking a client through that. So like a muscle building phase, I don't usually call it like people refer as like bulking but I don't really call it that.

But that is probably one of the most like, kind of scary things for women, especially. But a lot of the time, it's like the most necessary especially when we're talking about getting like, you know, toned or whatever it may be like, if you don't have any muscle, like you're not going to look that way. So that's where it's like, Alright, let's take the restriction out. Let's like put the pause on fat loss for a little bit depending on you know, obviously the person and where they're at. And let's focus on putting you into a phase of really focusing on building muscle and, you know, setting up your nutrition to align with that. So you're, you know, optimizing as much as possible

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