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As a Woman, can you Increase Sex Drive through Diet and Exercise?

miniflex May 25, 2022

As a woman, can you increase sex drive through diet and exercise? The answer is yes, let's talk about it.

nutrition and exercise are absolutely going to have an effect on our sex drive. And the reason for this is because we know when we have our nutrition in check, we have our exercise in check, we're going to be feeling good overall, right? That's going to have an impact on everything that happens during our day, our energy levels, how we're feeling when we're around people How are feeling around our spouse, right. So that's important to pay attention to.

And especially with exercise, we know that resistance training itself can help boost healthy hormone levels. And when it comes to sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, making sure that those are in a healthy place, especially for women as we age is going to make sure that we are feeling young that we're feeling energetic. And that is going to translate to having a higher sex drive, right lifting weights is also super empowering, which is going to cause your confidence levels to go up in every area of your life, right.

So just thinking about that if you're more confident in what you're doing throughout the day with your partner, your sex drive is absolutely going to go up. So just being confident overall, and thinking about the empowerment you get from what you're doing, especially lifting weights, that is going to translate to every other aspect of your life and can definitely translate to increase sex drive. And when it comes to nutrition, we know that when nutrition is dialed in, right when you're eating enough protein, when you're getting enough nutrients throughout the day, you're paying attention to your hydration throughout the day, all of those things are going to translate into your energy levels, your body composition, and that in itself is going to just make you feel better overall right? So we know that nutrition is a direct correlation of what happens with everything else we're doing during the day.

So knowing that you know nutrition and exercise are going to affect your day in so many different ways, your energy levels, you know, your your sleep, your stress, your hormone levels, making sure those are in a good place. That's all going to translate to how you're feeling in general which is going to translate to having a better sex drive because you're going to feel more confident you're going to feel you're going to have more energy, you're just going to feel better overall you're going to have healthy hormone levels and all that is super, super important.

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