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Can you do Keto or Low-Carb for a Lifetime?

miniflex Jun 07, 2022

Can you do keto or low carb for a lifetime? Technically, yes, practically, that might be a different story. So let's talk about it.

So technically, yes, you can do keto or low carb for a lifetime. And some people benefit from that some people, you know, benefit from being low carb or keto for forever. But from a practical standpoint, and from my experience for most people, it's probably a better ideas to strive for more of a metabolic flexibility standpoint, where you are able to, you know, incorporate carbs into your life and use those strategically, but also benefit from using fat and ketones for fuel.

So when you're, when you're more metabolically flexible, versus being, you know, strict keto or low carb, you're able to have like, The Word says a little bit more flexibility in your life. So a little bit less restriction in terms of food choices, especially in the world we live in today, there's so many different foods around us all the time. So you just have, you know, a little bit better ability to live in the real world, right.

So that's, you know, one of the biggest things that I've seen for myself and for my clients is just having more flexibility, less, you know, food, focus, less restriction. And I've seen that that can go a long way. Also, another thing to think about is just, you know, in terms of what your goals are, right, so if your goal is to, you know, at a point in time, build as much muscle as possible, for example, using carbs can be very beneficial for that, right. So if you're strict keto, or strict, low carb, you can actually be doing yourself a disservice if you're not include including carbohydrates in your life, and that's in that stance, right?

So using carbs strategically to fuel your activity, or to help you recover from your activity is going to be super beneficial. So can you do keto and low carb for a lifetime? Technically you can, but in a practical sense for most people and from my experience, it's probably you know, a little bit better to strive for more metabolic flexibility. And if you want to learn a little bit more about metabolic flexibility, you can check out my video what is metabolic flexibility.

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