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How I ended up in the Fitness and Nutrition Space

miniflex Jul 11, 2022

I grew up in Manhattan, New York. I grew up in a very kind of sports dominant household. I played sports my whole life. My dad played football in college and he had two daughters. So I was the daughter who was kind of like the Son as well in terms of like the sports side of things. And I went on to get my undergrad degree in athletic training at the University of Miami.

I knew that I wanted to focus in on sports medicine and athletic training. As my career I thought that I wanted to be an athletic trainer, as my, you know, full time career. So that's what I went to school for. And I soon realized as I was kind of halfway through my journey in athletic training about sophomore year, I started to take some more nutrition classes, and I started to get really interested in the nutrition side of things.

And at that time, I was also doing triathlons for the University of Miami club team. So I started to kind of get into that whole endurance nutrition side of things. I realized quickly that I didn't think that I wanted to continue on with athletic training forever. So I decided to look into getting my master's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology. So I went on to get that at James Madison University and I was working as an athletic trainer, as well.

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