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How to Figure Out what Fats to Buy at the Grocery Store

miniflex May 09, 2022

How do I know what fats to buy at the grocery store?

So when you're going to the grocery store and you're thinking about, okay, I need to buy healthy fats, what am I going to buy? So I like to just think about it very simply in terms of focusing on whole food fats first. So things like avocados, olives, macadamia nuts, nuts and seeds, things like that those are going to have good healthy fats in them. Those are going to be more your like moto unsaturated fats.

And then we have saturated fats, which are going to be more of your, like animal fats. So fats that are coming from the meats that you're consuming butter, coconut oil, those types of fats. Generally, I like to avoid more of like the processed fats, so things that are considered polyunsaturated, polyunsaturated fats and more. So like the Omega sixes that you might hear of, so things like corn oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, things like that are going to be a little bit more highly processed. And the issue with that is that those fats can oxidize faster in your body. And all that means that it could potentially cause a little bit higher inflammation, because they're not as stable fats as say, your butter or your coconut oil or things like that.

So in terms of what fats to focus on buying at the grocery store, really focusing on you know, those fats that come from Whole Foods. So avocados like I said, and then avocado oil, olives and olive oil, macadamia nuts, macadamia oil, and then your your butter and your, your fats that come from meats that you're going to get. So in terms of oils, and what you're gonna look for when you're kind of in the grocery aisle, and you're looking at all these oils, I like to focus on looking for oils that are in the dark bottle. So if I'm looking for an olive oil or an avocado oil, we want to make sure that it's in a dark bottle, because that's going to help it help prevent it from oxidizing. And like I mentioned, a fat that is oxidized is going to just cause a little bit more inflammation potentially in the body.

So you want to make sure that you're getting something that is in a dark bottle, something that is cold press versus if you look at the bottom that says cold press, and it's in a dark bottle, that's probably a good one. Another kind of key to look at is that if you're looking for like an olive oil, for example, if it comes from like a product of Greece or product of Italy I like to go more with those because they tend to be a little bit higher quality and tend to be the real thing. There's a little bit of a confusion sometimes because you can see an oil that says you know made with olive oil and if you actually turn around and look at the nutrition label there, the first ingredient might not actually be olive oil.

So that's something that you just need to pay attention to always look at the back of bottle and look to see that the main and only ingredient is the oil that you're trying to buy. And this also becomes specific with the spray oil so if you're getting spray avocado oil or spray olive oil, sometimes they'll kind of the companies will try to cut costs and put more of the cheaper oils like the canola oil and things like that in it versus the more expensive oils which would be like the olive oil and the things that are harder to to get. So those are just a few tips to focus on when you're looking to buy fats at the grocery store.

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