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If you're Having Trouble Losing Weight...

miniflex Sep 05, 2022

Protein again, protein is just the most important nutrient in my eyes, there's so many benefits to it, especially from a fat loss standpoint, make sure you're getting your protein in, I actually have like a free protein hunger hacks, ebook that everybody can download if they want. And I can give that to you at the end, if you if you'd like. That's going to be the number one thing because that's the thing that a lot of people are just not paying attention to is, you know, your steps throughout the day, pay attention to how much you're moving. I think that's one of the most underrated Fat Loss Tips that people talk about is just, you know, you don't have to go spend hours on the treadmill, or you don't have to do like 1000 burpees, and be dying of sweat, to quote unquote, burn calories, or to get more energy expenditure just going out for 20 or 30 minute walk and building on that.

And doing lower intensity can be so beneficial from not just a fat loss standpoint, but also to help promote recovery and get you, you know, into more of a parasympathetic rest and digest mode, versus a high stressed out mode because, and I'll just I know I'm rambling on a little bit. But something that people don't realize is that when they do go into a fat loss phase, they they're going into a calorie deficit, right to lose body fat. That in itself is a stress, right? literally putting yourself into a deficit is a stress on your body. And so if you're adding all of these other stressors on top of it, like these high intensity workouts, the stress that you're getting from work, you're not sleeping, like all of those things are going to pile on and make it so much harder to adhere to your goals, right. So you need to think about the things that you can do to help de stress while still helping you work towards your goals. So making sure you're sleeping, walking, literally just walking is such a huge piece of it. Protein, obviously.

And tracking things, I think that would be one of the biggest things too is you know, you you can manage what you measure, right? If you have no idea what you're consuming, if you have no idea how much you're moving throughout the day, then how do you make changes, right? How do you modify what you're doing to continue to see results, especially with women, we do have to be very careful when we are implementing fasting, I think fasting can be beneficial for certain for certain people. But if you are already super stressed out in your life, and you've like you're not used to fasting and you're just trying to like, go all in, that might not be the best idea. I think fasting is one of those things that again, we don't realize that it is it is a stress on our bodies as well. Right, especially with females, we have more sensitive hormones, we react more sensitively to these certain stressors.

So we have to be very careful, that's a mistake that I made for years is like trying to thinking that more was better, right? If I fasted for 14 hours, oh, I should do 16 or 18 or 24 hours. And that's better, right? Yeah, maybe you can do that, you know, a few times a year, do a 24 hour fast to maybe help with whatever, you know, maybe help reset your kind of gut microbiome a little bit if you're struggling with digestion, digestive issues, things like that. But I think a mistake that people get do is they they get caught up in all that research that you were talking about all those kind of click Beatty things that you see online and things like that, and they're not really focused on the big movers that really will make the difference over the long term.

So I think fasting can be beneficial, but it all comes down to that individual. And I think the stress component is the biggest thing to think about when you are thinking about fasting is like how much stress do you have? And is this fasting in a benefit me? Am I or do I have less stressors going on right now that I could get away with fasting a little bit more? Or am I already dealing with so many other stressors that may be fasting? Probably like not a good? Not not a good time right now.

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