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The Truth About Looking Toned

miniflex Oct 26, 2022

I think that's something that, especially with women tend to just get, you know, nervous that if they put on muscle, they'll look bulky and bigger. Right. I think it's gotten better over the last years. But it Yeah, but it's something that is a fear, right. And that's something that I mean, I feared it at a point. And then I realized that wait, you know, that bulkiness like, if you see, you know, a female CrossFit athlete or female bodybuilder, right, that like muscle that you see, or someone that bulkiness like, that comes from years and years of training, like consistently, sometimes having some enhancements within that training.

But for normal, an average Joe, I would consider myself an average Joe, like, you're not putting on muscle is only going to make you look leaner, right? So this is just a quick kind of thing to think about. But if you are, say you're 150 pound female, if you are 150 pounds, and maybe you have 100 100 pounds of lean body mass, and then that that female compared to 150 pound female who has maybe 120 pounds of lean body mass, right, like 10 pounds heavier. Or maybe someone who's 100 Yeah, 100, same, same weight, but different percentages of their muscle mass, that 150 pound female with the higher lean body mass percentage is going to have a lower body fat percentage, right? That just the math makes sense there.

But they're also going to look leaner at a higher body fat body fat percentage, too, right? And so that's where we have to take into account the scale is not always the end all be all. And also, you know, a lot of the bulkiness is coming from the fat that's surrounding the muscles. So when you lose the body fat, and you kind of unveiled the muscle, that's where that lean toned look actually comes from

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