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Macro Tracking Tips

miniflex Sep 13, 2022

Typically keeping protein around the same for what it is. So I like to say that like for the majority of my clients, and for myself, I like to keep protein around body weight, depending on you know, you know how much they weigh. So 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound of body weight is a good range to typically be in for most people. So you're keeping protein pretty high, like so it would be around bodyweight, right? But and it will depend on the person, if someone has, if someone's like 300 pounds, and it would, we would bring that down a little bit, we go by their lean mass, or just point A Yeah.

And then you're basically just keeping protein at that amount and filling and then just keeping your carbs and fats, wherever, you know, they fall to get you to that kind of 1000 calories. Yeah, so I tracked macros, I've been doing it for a long time, it's just kind of part of my, my lifestyle. For me, it helps, it helps me to have structure and when I have structure, I feel like I have more control. And so I'm very kind of like that, that's my personality, like I need structure. And if I don't have structure, then I feel like I actually am less in control of what I'm doing on a daily basis.

So I like to have I like to, you know, keep that in check. But I do have more flexibility, you know, if I'm going on vacation, or you know, I have some event or it's a holiday, like I will, I used to be very, very rigid. And this is again, going back to like the mistakes that we all make and the things that we learn from and I found that you know, being like very, very macro focused is can actually be a detriment in the long term if you don't know how to balance that out.

So I think you know, everybody's different to some people do very well with it, some people don't. So it really just comes down to how you how you do with with that, and there's different approaches I feel with Mac tracking macros. I like to have tears when it comes to that, especially with the clients I'm working with and their expertise in that so there's just there's not one way to do it. There's so many different ways that you can go about it depending on the individual

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