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Nuts & Seeds CHEAT SHEET!

blog cheat sheets May 31, 2019

I've gotten a TON of questions lately about which nuts & seeds are the best to consume while following a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle. So, I decided to put together a little Cheat Sheet with every nut and seed you can think of! πŸ₯œπŸŒ°

Nuts, seeds, nut butters, and seed butters are a great option for snacking BUT they are also EXTREMELY easy to over-consume if you're not careful! πŸ˜…

Here are 2 quick tips to help prevent that:

  1. Don't eat right from the bag. Instead, measure out a serving size using a food scale and then seal up the bag, put it away, and don't look back! πŸ€£
  2. Instead of tempting yourself with a big jar of nut butter that seems to always be 'calling your name' from the kitchen, keep single packs on hand instead. We've all been there right? Put a jar of nut butter in front of me and it's go time πŸ˜†

There are a bunch of great companies making single pack nut butters nowadays that are perfect for controlling portion sizes, traveling, and again, taking the 'I could eat this whole jar' out of the picture πŸ˜œ

Here are a few that I always have stocked in my pantry:

Here's your Nuts & Seeds Cheat Sheet!

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