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Practical Tips for Meal Planning

miniflex Jun 15, 2022

I literally said this to the client yesterday because she said, I am trying to she's we're trying to work through some some allergies and some, some things like that. And she is basically cutting down on eggs and dairy to kind of see if that helps. She's like, Do you have any ideas for breakfast foods that aren't eggs and dairy and so I was like, alright, well, let's get a little bit outside the box, you know, take yourself away from thinking about traditional breakfast foods because typically they'll have eggs and dairy in them and start to think about like you said, have bison and zoodle breakfast?

There's no like, you make your own standard. There's no standard anymore doesn't it doesn't matter, right? And you know, we have or kind of, like, either we grow up on these things, or there's it's just part of society, just like anything else. Right? Breakfast is the biggest meal of the day. You know, we've learned that and for some people it is for some people, it's absolutely not because they don't eat breakfast, which is totally fine. So it's just finding what works for you and experimenting with different things and kind of taking.

Yeah, taking the step to experiment and see, you know, what, what you feel good with, and, and that's really one of the original questions we got is, or at least I've got, I've gotten the past is like how do I track my macros and fit this into my, you know, you've been able to eat with my family, but also, you know, like, being able to track my food, right? Because that's, that's a an issue that I see are come on complex complexity, and adds complexity to tracking macros, especially with dinner and foods like that. So like you said, keeping it simple and keeping the those like one macronutrient foods can make that so easy, rather than trying to go in and like track an entire recipe or something like that.

It's like, Alright, I got my steak, I got my vegetable, I got my starch, you know, is this a is this a lean steak or fatty steak? If it's a fatty steak, then I might not need to add any fat to it. If it's a leaner steak, maybe I add a little bit of butter to it or whatever, right? So you're kind of that's that's how your matrix is looking. And you're kind of like building your plate from that right. So I love that. Another thing to think about this is what I do to like, you don't necessarily I'm pretty sure that I've eaten the same three dinners for the last like months. Because I enjoy them. Like I found three different types of dinners that i enjoy.

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