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Protein Recommendations and Sources

miniflex Sep 16, 2022

I would say like 80% of the clients that come to me maybe even more severely under eating protein, no matter if they're coming from a low carb or high carb diet, I am definitely in the camp of a higher protein approach.

We know from, you know, countless research studies that have come out that, you know, there's no detriments to high protein, especially like the only kind of area that we see maybe a little bit of concern is if you have like a pre existing kidney issue, but that even with that, there's still some of that research is, you know, because the people are like, Oh, I can't eat that much protein, because, you know, kidneys and all that. But we found that that, you know, the more research that comes out on that, it's kind of like, Oh, that's not really that true. So there's just so many benefits to protein that I think keeping on the higher end, and I even recommend, like I said, you know, with some clients, we go up to even like 1.2 grams per pound of body weights, depending on how lean they are, I find that the leaner you are, the more protein can be beneficial, especially depending on what phase you're in.

So if you're looking to actually lose body fat, right, having more protein to preserve that lean muscle mass to just make sure that you're feeling satiated enough, you know, on the calories that you're consuming. We know that protein has the highest thermic effect of food. So it takes more energy to digest and absorb protein than it does carbs and fats. So protein has about 20 to 30%, it has a TFR thermic effect of 20 to 30% versus carbs are about five to 10%. And fats are about three to 5%. So if you think about that, practically, the more like the protein that you're consuming, it takes 20 to 30% more energy to actually digest that protein than it does for carbs and fats. So that's just an another kind of advantage. And if you look at that on a, you know, a daily basis, it might not seem like that much. But then if you kind of compound that over weeks and months, it actually does add up.

So just a few a few of the reasons why I'm a huge advocate of protein, there's so many more but those are be the top ones. I'm a huge proponent of animal protein. I think that you know, I don't think there's anything wrong with vegetarian or veganism, but I think that it actually is a lot harder to get quality protein in that sense. And not just from the sense that you know, with the foods that you're consuming, if they are plant based protein, you're gonna have a lot of carbs that come with that and sometimes other fat too. And then also just the bio Ville bioavailability of that protein is going to be a little bit harder to digest, depending on the source. So I'm a huge fan of animal protein. So steaks, chicken, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, basically anything that's comes from an animal I'm down for. I like the leaner protein um

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