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Resistance Training for Aging Optimally

miniflex Jul 20, 2022

The first thing that comes to mind is my mom. So she's in her, almost in her 60s. And she actually just started weight training and resistance training for really the first time in her life about two years ago. And she's 50 No, she's 60, she's sick, she's under 60. I think she's, yeah, like, 61 I can't remember, Chloe, she's six years 61 One of those she, like, has seen so much progress in the last two years and her body composition, then she's seen in her whole life, just from finally listening to me and getting a trainer and learning the proper way to lift because she used to go to the gym and do spin classes.

And she, you know, it's kind of, you know, how a lot of females are, which there's nothing wrong with this, especially in the older, older realm, that older not saying She's old, but if you are kind of in that, that stage of your life, you know, as we kind of evolved, right, we know that, you know, weight training has just become kind of the norm for women over only over the last maybe even not, it's not even the norm yet, but even over the last like 20 years, I would say that's probably where it's kind of picked up.

So if you're, you know, at that point where you didn't grow up, you know, weight training or kind of was like looked down on for women to weight train or anything like that. She has seen this the most improvement in her body composition from just like a year or two of training, and she actually hired a trainer and now she knows you know what she's doing. And she knows how to go into the gym. And she's not like intimidated. And she's seen such a change in body composition. And not just that, but in her mood, her confidence, right? Just overall health, right?

As you get older, like the more muscle you have, the longer you're going to live like muscle is, that is like the foundation of youth. A lot of people call it because you need to have strong muscles to have strong bones to be able to, you know, live to as long as you want to live right. So I think that's one of the biggest things. And then like we talked about protein, making sure that you're staying on top of your protein. The older you get, the more protein you actually need because your body starts to not use it as efficiently as it did when it was you know, younger

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