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Taking a Personal Audit

miniflex Nov 04, 2022

From what I've seen, in just things that I've done in the past, for myself and with working with, you know, lots of other women, one of the things that really resonated with me was kind of the expectations that you have not matching the actions or behaviors that you are doing. And this is something that takes a lot of awareness, self awareness to actually be like, okay, am I truly being honest with myself in what I am doing? And are my actions truly aligned with the goals that I have? Because sometimes we, and are you being honest about that, because sometimes it's like, we think that we're doing all the things. But in the reality, it's like, if we actually go in audit ourselves, and realize too, that this, you know, body composition is not only fat loss, right, changing your body composition is not does not just come down to fat loss, muscle building muscle and having enough muscle is what is going to really dictate your actual body composition and how you look.

So just we'll talk a little bit more about that as well. But something that is really important, I think, is just the self awareness side of things, and really being super, super honest with yourself in what you're doing and taking the time to audit the things that you have set in place to make sure that you're actually that your actions are actually aligning with what you feel that you're doing or what your mind is like, Hey, I'm doing this, I'm, you know, I'm working towards this goal, I'm in this fat loss phase, but are the things that you're literally truly actually doing aligned with those goals. And this is something that, it's also important to realize that, from a mindset side of things, we there's kind of the and this is something I've seen a lot of people fall into, and myself as well, is been in this dieting mindset for so long, that it is actually preventing you from taking the actions that you think you're taking, because your mind is always in this restriction, restriction restriction mode, and it becomes harder, the longer you're in that, the longer you're constantly restricting the, the less results you're gonna get, because it's going to become harder and harder to stick to what you're doing. And we'll talk about this a lot.

But so I guess that's kind of just following up there. And then with actions met, matching your expectations, right. So this is something that I heard somebody say a while ago, and it really had me thinking. So you know, if we're following a plan, if we're following, you know, work tracking macros, or tracking whatever we get, we're on point with our exercise. And we're on point with that during the week, right? Maybe Monday through Friday, it's like, Alright, I'm on it, you know, I'm in routine. And then we, you know, we talked about the weekends, the weekends are always the harder part for most people a little bit more variable. And sometimes, you know, we go off plan, which is not always the end of the world. But if we're if we're trying to reach a specific goal in a specific timeline, we need to make sure that our, our expectations and our actions match our expectations.

So if you're on point, for example, five out of seven days a week, right? Monday through Friday, you're on point and then Saturday and Sunday, or maybe it's Friday and Saturday, it's a little bit, you know, variable and maybe you're on point Monday through Thursday and Sunday. However, it's five out of seven, right? If we do some math there, that's about 70%. Right? 70% of the week you're you're dialed in and 70% is a c minus however, if you are expecting to get a results or a plus results, and you're constantly getting a C minus those those actions are not aligning with expectation.

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