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What I'm Most Proud of Right Now

miniflex Oct 25, 2022

Honestly, I would say that I'm the most proud right now of the flex fam. And maybe that's just because it is. It's it's been around since last year, it actually officially started in early February of this past year. But it's definitely over the years of creating programs and working with one on one clients. It's my way to basically meld everything into kind of like a one stop shop. That has been just amazing.

And I really enjoyed because I actually get to program like in terms of a train perspective, I get to program for them for the members every single month. And I basically test the program myself first, and then I release it to the group. And there's obviously so many other components with nutrition and just like, personal development side of things like working on that side, which I think is a huge piece of the puzzle a lot of people miss is the psychological side of it, like actually setting yourself up for success from a psychological standpoint, and like what that looks like because, you know, if your goal is to change your body composition, if your goal is to lose body fat or build muscle, that's one thing, right?

But like that none of that is going to happen or be able to be sustained unless you can take care of and understand the psychological component that goes into all of these different things. And that's something that I missed out on for years. And so I'm just really excited to help people through that and realize that they can become the most competent, badass version of themselves.

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