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Who is Your Least Favorite Type of Person in the Gym?

miniflex Apr 27, 2022

I would say sometimes myself because sometimes I will go to the gym and I'll start letting my ego take over and start putting heavier weights on the bar when I know I shouldn't be, or I'm, you know, paying attention to what other people are thinking when it doesn't freakin matter that's one of the things that especially with females, I think, you know, and looking to, you know, change your body composition and build muscle and things like that.

There tends to be a little bit of fear, like going to a gym and like training around other people. If you feel like you don't know what you're doing, or you're newer to it, but literally, like, nobody freakin cares what you're doing. Everybody else is worried about themselves. They're worried about you know, their phone, and they're, you know, looking in the mirror at their muscles, like nobody cares what you're doing.

So you need to check your ego at the door and just say like, forget it, like I'm just gonna go in here. Do a to do follow my program, you know, be intentional about what I'm intentional intentional, intentional, intentional about what I'm doing. Work hard and not care what anybody that anybody else thinks because I promise you, the person next to you on the bench, literally does not care if you are doing something wrong or whatever it is. They don't care they just care about themselves.

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