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The Flex Fam 💪

What's included in your Flex Fam Group Coaching Membership?

✔️ Access to The Flex Fam Community App where you will easily be able to communicate with me (Rachel) and other members daily.

✔️ Weekly Zoom sessions with me and other Flex Fam members to discuss topics of interest and work through current struggles together. You'll have the option to submit your questions beforehand and/or ask them during the session. Can't make it to the live session? No worries, every session will be recorded and added to the Member App so you can access it whenever and wherever you want!

✔️ Flex Fam Nutrition Manual and Periodization Planner to help set up your nutrition for YOUR personal goals whether it be fat loss, body recomposition, or muscle building.

✔️ Meal Planning System to help you plan and structure your meals ahead of time, based on your specific nutrition targets.

✔️ Access to your personal Flex Fam Accountability Tracker. You will receive a personal tracker within my proven Coaching System that will include specific metrics to ensure you're working to build long-term, sustainable habits and achieve results that last!

✔️ Flex Fam Monthly Training Program designed by me (Rachel) exclusively for Flex Fam members. It includes a full video tutorial library to educate you on proper form and execution.

No gym? Limited equipment?...No problem - you'll receive alternative/scalable options for every exercise! 

Training Phases change monthly to keep things fun and engaging while also ensuring continued progress!

✔️  Group Challenges designed around nutrition, training, personal development, and more!

✔️  Support & Accountability - Get 24/7 support from a group of women who are serious about helping each other stay motivated and accountable to reach your goals and kick ass doing it!

🚨 LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Registration will close when capacity is reached. Enroll now to reserve your spot!

*Please Note: There is a minimum 3-month commitment for Flex Fam membership.

90-Day ROI Guarantee: Does your gym, coach, or personal trainer guarantee your results? Well, I do. Give The Flex Fam 90 days and watch what happens!

And I’m so sure of it, that if at the end of 90 days you haven’t experienced real, lasting, exciting change, I’ll simply return your money.

To be eligible for the ROI Guarantee, you must show me you actually put in the work (because let’s be real…legitimate transformation takes work!) and commit to the full terms outlined in the Terms & Conditions section.

 *Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before purchase. You will be prompted to sign and submit a Consent and Agreement Form after purchase with the exact conditions outlined here.

Current Flex Fam Member Transformations 🤩

What People Are Saying:

I just have to share and give a shout-out to Rachel and the wonderful help and service she’s providing to women and the health space. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and he was very happy to see that I kept the weight off from my last annual visit. He wanted to know how I kept it off. I told him I lift weights, walk and track macros/calories. I also told him about the Flex Fam and the amazing community I have here. The accountability, sharing information with the ladies, receiving helpful suggestions, and having access to Rachel has been awesome. It's just great to have this space where health is a priority for all us. I also really love the app and the new workout phases every month - it adds variety and keeps things fresh. I'm really enjoying this journey with the Flex Fam!!


Having this group working towards "common" goals of health and fitness has been SO great for me. It feels less alone for me as I don't have a lot of friends who share this with me. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything! I have learned so much more about nutrition, training, and how to make mindset modifications to my life to help me continue on the journey to becoming unapologetically the best version of myself. I am so thankful for the unwavering support I have received from Rachel, helping me to see progress when I had blinders on, helping me find and implement the tools that worked for me to support my mental health as I navigated a very uncertain time at work, and overall, just helping me to stay the course and trust the process.


Within just the first month of being in this community, I have tracked nutrition for the first time ever, dramatically increased my protein intake, have been consistent with tracking every day and training 3-4 times every week even when I was discouraged. The accountability I'm getting with this group is helping me to stay really consistent! Tracking the data is kind of fun and satisfying, even though it's time-consuming. I feel very supported by Rachel and the group which has been super helpful.


Working with Rachel has been AMAZING! I have learned so much about myself, and have had an amazing support group along the way! I love the community and enjoy the weekly video check-ins with the group. It's helpful to hear others' wins, and struggles, and I am loving the app and being able to connect with the other members. I also love the training program! I have been able to stay consistent going to the gym every week and I'm squatting the heaviest I have in a while since post-injury. Rachel is a wealth of information, super smart, and helps you work towards your own, specific, goals! Totally, absolutely worth investing in yourself...highly recommend!


$297.00 USD

Every month

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases

Terms & Conditions

You (client) recognize that any and all services provided by Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory) involve inherent risk. Killin It Keto, LLC, its employees, and any contractors shall not be liable for injuries or damages to you (client) or by subject to any claim, demands, injuries, actions, causes of action, or even death. In addition, by agreeing to the terms you also verify your understanding that there are no refunds for the services provided by Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory). 

It is recommended you (client) first consult with your doctor about this diet and/or exercise plan, especially if you are pregnant or nursing or have any health issues such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc., as your healthcare provider may need to adjust the medication you are taking.

Further, this diet and/or exercise plan is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice.

By accepting these terms & conditions, you (client) hereby release Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory) from any liability now or in the future for any medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, illness or injury, including, but not limited to heart attacks, death, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, knee, lower back, foot injuries and any other illness, soreness or injury however caused, occurring during or after your participation in the nutrition and/or exercise program offered. You (client) acknowledge that there are no guarantees or promises as to the results or success that will be obtained from the services provided. 

EFT Request and Authorization: You (client) hereby authorize Killin It Keto, LLC to make periodic charges of withdrawals (“EFT Authorization”) from the account used to pay the initial payment designated by you (client) and accepted by Killin It Keto, LLC for the payment of any and all fees, late fees, costs, expenses or any other monies due to Killin It Keto, LLC under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

You (client) acknowledge that payment is required for 4-week blocks in advance for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. After that time frame, it will be month to month until you (client) request cancellation of services.

Please be advised that once payment has come out, you are committed to another 4-week block, not a refund. 

You (client) understand this money is not refundable once payment has been processed. You (client) understand this contract and the terms it presents is for the purchase and any other purchase of services in the future. You (client) acknowledge that this specific contract, release of liability, consent, and agreement is continuously valid indefinitely.

90-Day ROI Guarantee: To be eligible for the ROI Guarantee, you must commit to the following for 90 days:

  • A fully completed and consistently filled out Personal Flex Fam Tracker (including all metrics outlined in your Journal & Progress Tabs)
  • A fully completed and consistently filled out Training Tracker for at least two training phases
  • Attend at least 8 group Zoom calls, Live
  • Participate daily in the Group Coaching App, communicating with me and the other members
  • Make clear efforts to reach out to the group for guidance if you are not on track with your desired goal outcomes each week 

I’ve intentionally made this group a small, close-knit community, and not everyone who wants to join will get the opportunity. If you get a spot in The Flex Fam, I don't want it to go to waste which is why this guarantee requires proof of putting in the work.

*Please note: this guarantee is only eligible at the 90-day mark from the date you signed up.

By accepting these terms & conditions, you affirm that you have read and fully understand the above information and acknowledge that nothing is to be misconstrued as medical or nutritional prescription and you have been given the opportunity to present questions in all related matters. 

You (client) attest, contract, acknowledge, and agree that you (client) are legally bound by the content of these terms & conditions. 

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