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Episode 39: Becoming Lady Savage with Crystal Sikes

podcast Jul 28, 2020

Listeners can find Crystal Sikes at her website, on Instagram @the.lady.savage, on Facebook @TeamSavage, and You Tube @LiveSavage


Crystal Sikes is the owner and founder of Lady Savage. She has competed in figure, dabbled in powerlifting and is an avid bodybuilder. She has built all of her health leveraging the ketogenic diet. Prior to discovering this lifestyle she was stuck in an unhealthy cycle of drinking, smoking and suffered from numerous digestive issues. She now spends her day to day empowering other women through training, nutrition, self care and spirituality, all in an attempt to help them discover their inner savage.

In this episode we talk in depth about Crystal's bodybuilding journey, hormonal imbalance, life after competition, how she became the Lady Savage she is today.. And so much more!

Top Takeaways:

  • The importance of reverse dieting after a bodybuilding competition
  • Body recomposition requires lifting heavy weights
  • Hormonal imbalances can be fixed by starting with what’s on your dinner plate
  • Putting passion behind your goals to build a business is key to success

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Introducing Crystal Sikes to the listeners
  • [0:30] Crystal brings us back to her start of keto and bodybuilding, reflecting on life before being similar to a college kid
  • [1:30] Wake up call from stomach/gut issues, paralysis and vertigo
  • [2:00] Doctors recommendation: high sugar, easy digestible food-liquid diet!
  • [4:30] Bodybuilding experience, takeaways and journey
  • [9:00] Robert walked the fine line of not only being Crystals boyfriend but also coach
  • [10:30] Crystals positive and negative takeaways from her prepping experience for a bodybuilding show
  • [12:00] A glimpse at getting super lean and the power behind reverse dieting after show day 
  • [14:00] Powerful advice to listeners about transitioning after show day!
  • [17:00] [...] Find someone that you can trust to talk too
  • [17:30] Crystal explains turning her nutrition goals into giving herself some grace
  • [20:30] Hormonal Issues & the importance of stress response 
  • [24:00] Crystal explains the extensive process she went through testing her sex hormones, neurotransmitters, and cortisol 
  • [25:30] Neurotransmitters are where you get all your energy from!
  • [26:00] Supplements, nutrition and food choices to balance out hormones
  • [29:00] The importance of eating more food in terms of hormones and cycles
  • [30:30] Cardio crusher and why hiring a coach is a game changer!
  • [31:00] Cardio vs. Weight lifting and how it changes body composition and mentality
  • [34:00] Fierce advice about building a metabolic badass if you have never stepped foot in a gym
  • [36:00] Post show and latest fitness goals prepping to become a mama!
  • [39:00] Building business brands, entrepreneurs and future developments
  • [42:00] Launching Lady Savage
  • [44:30] Crystal and Roberts Businesses: Lady Savage Website, Keto Brick Live savage apparel, Keto savage
  • [48:00] Productivity is key, rest is needed, training yourself that self love does not have to be selfish
  • [52:00] Protein, protein... and beef!
  • [55:30] Business ventures and big things coming for KetoBrick!

Listen to the full episode HERE. 


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