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Episode 27: Logan Delgado: Keto Bodybuilding, Manifesting Positivity, and Achieving ‘Next Level’ Results

podcast Jun 16, 2020

Listeners can find Logan Delgado on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebookand his website under his most commonly used name Goody Beats


Brief intro by Logan:

“My name is Logan Delgado, I’m a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls. I lost a total of 70 pounds with the help of the ketogenic diet. I have now dedicated my life to helping inspire others to reach the best shape of their lives. I also created a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on how to start the ketogenic diet, workout tips and routines, meal prep and healthy recipes videos. My goal is to remind people that it is never too late to become what you might have been. I’m a ketogenic bodybuilder with a passion for working out and pushing myself to reach new levels. I’m also co-owner of a company called KetoCoach where we want to be known as everything metabolic health in the next couple of years.”

In this episode, we talk about Logan’s dramatic body and life transformation, the role of a ketogenic lifestyle in taking back control, creating something to be proud of, Keto Cuts, and more!

Episode Top Takeaways:

  • Everyone could use a coach to get to their next level goals.
  • Diets like Keto are a good starting point, then learn what works for you specifically by learning from your personal results.
  • Dieting all the time is not a healthy way to live.
  • Stick to a plan - it may take weeks or even months to start seeing the results you want, but if you put in the work and trust the process, you’ll get to where you want to be.

Show Notes: 

  • [4:17] Rachel starts show intro, introducing guest Logan Delgado aka Goody Beats
  • [7;30] Rachel asks “How do you manifest as much positivity as you do every day?” Logan talks about the importance of perspective and appreciating the little things in life.
  • [10:30] Logan talks about his morning routine and how it has changed over the years.
  • [13:00] Logan’s journey
  • [14:30] Logan explains what the “Keto Cut” is from his YouTube channel, how he structures his cuts in seasons
  • [16:30] Logan explains why a coach has been so helpful in achieving his personal body composition goals.
  • [20:00] Logan talks about this year’s approach to the Keto Cut and the targeted keto Diet  (TKD) 
  • [22:30] Rachel talks about her cut this year, missing her cruise but kept going, and references her more in-depth talk about that subject in her first solo show
  • [25:00] Rachel asks Logan about his 90/10 (90% Keto meals, 10% Meals with added carbs) approach to Keto and Carb Phobia
  • [31:30] More questions for Logan regarding his Keto Cut and if he has seen improvement from the first time he did one to this current year.
  • [35:00] It’s never too late to start building muscle! Having muscle is so important to living a quality life as we all get older.
  • [36:00] One big piece of advice from Logan to anyone thinking about starting a fat loss phase or a Keto Cut. You have to stick to the plan! Whatever method you choose Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, stick to the guidelines and you will get results! Find something that works for you, you will burn out on something you hate doing really quick.
  • [38:30] What’s the right amount of protein for a person who trains hard?
  • [45:00] “At the end of the day, are you getting the results you want using the methods you have?” Logan Delgado. Diets are very specific and tailored to you as an individual and what you react well too, there is no simple one size fits all answer.
  • [47:30] What is one thing Logan has changed his mind about this last year? 
  • [51:00] Rachel’s blog on Protein is Queen
  • [51:30] What would Logan's superpower be?
  • [53:00] You can’t be dieting forever, it’s not healthy to be in a constant deficit all the time, but it is also important not to completely binge at the end of a cut and adjust back up slowly.
  • [58:00] Logan shouts out his business KetoCoach, a company that sells Ketone monitors, Will have a blood glucose monitor by the end of the summer, and a new app to track your Keto numbers and connect you to the Keto community to participate in challenges with each other coming end of summer 2020 [Fast Coach]. Listeners can find Logan Delgado on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and his website under his most commonly used name Goody Beats

Listen to the full episode HERE. 


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