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miniflex Nov 01, 2022

I actually did have a lot of programs I still do have programs that are kind of self paced programs, both nutrition more keto related stuff for people who are wanting to get into that then I also have more self like do yourself programs from an exercise standpoint too. But the main programs that you know right now I have our muscle size for woman which is really it's actually not live right now but you can get on the waiting list for the next launch probably which will be in the fall of this year.

That is really focused on women who want to learn everything about building muscle getting toned, learn the science behind it, psychological psychology behind it, but also have a program to follow as well. And then my group coaching which is called the flex fam, that is basically everything right? So that is nutrition training, I write the train program for the members. I'm in there interacting we have a an app, it's called the flex fam app. So we're I'm in there all the time.

We have weekly zoom calls, just everything right challenges, nutrition, personal development, all the things everything that encompasses you know, living a healthy lifestyle I basically there's my tagline is like creating the most confident badass version of yourself through nutrition training and personal development.

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