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How to Gain Muscle Without Losing Your Female Figure

miniflex May 17, 2022

How do you gain muscle without losing your female figure? Let's talk about it. 

How to Gain Muscle Without Losing Your Female Figure

Muscle is what creates the female figure. To have a nice booty or smaller waist, belly muscle is going to lead to that. Females are nervous to focus on building muscle because they think they'll end up too bulky or too muscular or masculine looking.

That is not what happens.

Muscle building is a very slow process. And if you're thinking about creating your best figure, that's going to come from having muscle. If you build muscle in your shoulders and your upper body, it will actually make your waist look smaller. That's something people don't realize.

Having a nice booty is going to come from training your glutes and putting the work in to build those glutes. Your butt's not just going to appear out of nowhere when you lose body fat—you have to build muscle there.

If you're worried about potentially losing your boobs or anything like that, that's not going to happen from building muscle. Actually, if you are working your chest and you're building your chest that can actually make your boobs look bigger if you have more chest muscles. If you're looking to keep your female figure or enhance your female figure, you actually want to focus on building muscle.

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