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How to Get Toned

miniflex Mar 02, 2022


How do you get toned? Let's talk about how do I get toned is a very common question that I get, and that I see a lot of people asking specifically females. So when it comes to getting toned, we have to realize that getting toned is a result of building new tissue, not simply melting away body fats. Okay?

So the reason I say that is because a lot of people think that they need to restrict, and, you know, be in a calorie deficit, which is important if you're looking to lose body fat. But if you you know, lose body fat and you have no muscle underneath that body fat, you're not going to look toned, okay, you have to have muscle there in order to have that shape, that physique that you want.

So, you know, I say this all the time, you can't calorie deficit your way to atone physique, you have to make sure that you are fueling appropriately, that you're working hard in the gym, that you're taking time to build muscle because building muscle is not a fast process. It takes a lot of time, a lot of consistency, a lot of hard work, and it takes fueling appropriately and making sure you get enough calories, enough protein.

If you want to look toned, you have to put the work in to build the muscle. What also a lot of people don't realize too is that you know, you're not going to look bulky when you put on muscle. The bulkiness comes from the body fat that's covering that muscle. But if you lose the body fat and you kind of unveil the muscle that you've built, that is where you're going to get the toned physique that you want. So how do you get toned build muscle?

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