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Is Keto the Best Diet for Weight Loss?

miniflex Jun 13, 2022

Is keto, the best diet for weight loss? For some maybe for some maybe not? So keto is powerful for many different reasons.

There's research coming out all the time on the benefits of keto for brain health, longevity, blood sugar regulation, disease intervention, there's so many different benefits of ketosis and being in a state of ketosis. But when it comes to keto, for weight loss, or fat loss, we have to understand that keto is not a magic weight loss pill. So being in a state of ketosis does not automatically mean that you're going to be losing body fat or losing weight. Okay, so I know what you're thinking, then why would I use keto as a weight loss intervention, or use keto to lose body fat or to lose weight.

So following a Keto or low carb diet and getting into a state of ketosis, there's there's different benefits behind that for different people. And so a few of the benefits would be the first one is overall dietary compliance. And when we're thinking about losing body fat or losing weight, we have to understand that that's, that's the big guy. So overall, dietary compliance is the main thing that we need to make sure we have in check. And so keto can be powerful for that, because being in a state of ketosis can help with appetite regulation, satiety throughout the day, less food focus, so you're not thinking about food all the time. It can also help with stabilizing blood sugar throughout the day.

So you're not, you know, going through what I like to call the blood sugar rollercoaster where you're consuming food. And then two hours later, you're hungry again, where you need to eat food again. So it can keep being in a state of ketosis can help with blood sugar regulation in the sense that you're going to have stable energy throughout the day. And you're not going to have those spikes and dips in energy levels, which will cause you to, you know, look for food. So that's another benefit to it. Another really great benefit of ketosis is it helps with insulin sensitivity. So why that's important is because if you are more insulin sensitive, your body is able to use fuel more effectively.

And all that means is that when you consume carbohydrates, for example, your body can more easily store those carbohydrates in your muscle glycogen, which is just the storage form of carbs in your muscles versus storing it in your body fat. So being more insulin sensitive, allows your body to partition fuels better, basically. So those are some of the main ways that I've seen keto be effective for fat loss and weight loss in my clients. They're not the only ones but they're the main ones that I've seen in my practice.

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