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Training Intensity and Why it Matters

miniflex Oct 31, 2022

I think there's different ways to look at intensity. And this. Like, there's two different camps here that I'm in, kind of, in the sense of, I have some females and especially like, within the people that I work with, I have some who are, you know, that personality where it's like, I need to just go, go, go go, I need to, you know, be sweating, and I need to do high intensity stuff.
And just work myself to the ground and never recover. Right? So there's that camp, I was there for a while. So with those people, we have to say, okay, you know, your body needs to recover.

In order to build muscle, in order to look toned you have, you have to also recover, you can't just continue to stress yourself training, you know, six days a week, like that's, it's unnecessary if your main goal is to change your body composition. So with those people, it's like, alright, we need to tone down the intensity from that perspective, right. And then there's some other like, the other side of things is like some other woman, you know, and I've been in this camp to where we're actually not giving enough intensity when it comes to the lifting. And we're like, right, when it gets hard, we stop, right or right, when it's, we start to feel like, Oh, I can't lift the weight, like, I'm just gonna stop. And so that side of things, it's like, no, lifting weights should feel uncomfortable, like there should be effort and work that you put into that.

It shouldn't feel uncomfortable from a standpoint where it's like injury or joint wise, right. But in order to build muscle, you have to tear it down first, like you have to break your muscle fibers down, you have to get close enough to failure to stimulate new muscle growth. And so for never getting close to failure for never getting, you know, into what we call effective reps, right, which are the two to four reps before you fail. Those are where you're going to get the most effective stimulus from that muscle growth. If you're never getting to that, if you're not lifting heavy enough to get there.

You're not going to see the quote unquote, games that you want. So there's just it's really just finding a balance, right? It's all it's always about finding a balance. But with that, you have to realize, okay, am I the person who's actually overtraining and under recovering or am I the person who is just not hitting it hard enough, who's not putting in enough effort to actually see the growth that I want or that the changes that I want?

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