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What is Metflex?

miniflex Mar 09, 2022

What is metabolic flexibility? So I like to think about it as the ability to use the full spectrum of your metabolism. So what does that actually mean?

So metabolic flexibility is simply your ability to use the full spectrum of your metabolism and the sense of you're able to efficiently shift back and forth between the your two primary fuel sources. So we have fat and ketones and we have carbs and sugar as our two primary fuel sources that we get energy from, to use in our body.

So metabolic flexibility is simply your ability to adapt to whatever fuel source is available. So in terms of thinking about, you know, what you're doing throughout your day. So if you're sitting at your desk throughout the day, you're kind of sedentary or working on your computer, you really should be using fat as your main fuel source to fuel that low intensity activity, right, you're just sitting there you're working, you're using your brain, versus if you were out exercising, doing some type of high intensity training, or lifting weights, you're going to be utilizing more carbohydrates and sugar for fuel, typically.

So metabolic flexibility is simply your ability to efficiently go back and forth between those two fuel sources and do that in a way that is both efficient and effective for you. So in simple terms, metabolic flexibility is your body's ability to adapt and use whatever fuel is available to it.

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