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Episode 157: Q&A: Extreme Dieting, Programming Cardio for Fat Loss, Macro Tracking Tips

podcast Mar 18, 2022


In this episode, Rachel chats about aggressive vs. moderate deficits, how to strategically implement cardio for fat loss, why overtraining is causing you to plateau, macro tracking strategies, and more!

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Today's Questions:

  • How do you convince clients that extreme deficit and cardio aren’t the answer?
  • Steady-state or HIIT cardio - which is better for fat loss?
  • Should I cut back on my veggies as I’m finally tracking macros and am going over?

Top Takeaways:

  • Steady-state or HIIT cardio: Rachel’s preference for fat loss goals
  • Five benefits of LISS cardio
  • Choosing an aggressive vs. moderate deficit based on your personality and experience level
  • Strategies to meet your daily macro targets

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill with host Rachel Gregory! Today’s episode is a solo Q&A!
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  • [1:00] Question: How do you convince clients that extreme deficit and cardio isn’t the answer?
  • [1:30] Debunking Gender Myths #4: Women Need To Do More Cardio To Achieve Optimal Body Composition
  • [12:30] Question: Steady-state or HIIT cardio - which is better for fat loss?
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  • [29:00] How to program cardio for fat loss 
  • [34:30] Question: Should I cut back on my veggies as I’m finally tracking macros and am going over?
  • [35:00] Common Mistakes When Tracking Macros
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Rachel received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel completed the first-ever human clinical trial looking at the effects of the Ketogenic Diet in non-elite CrossFit athletes, which is published in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Currently, in her day-to-day coaching business, Rachel guides her clients to becoming the best, most confident version of themselves. She has a passion for educating those dedicated to optimizing their physical and mental well-being while improving long-term health and fitness goals. Her most popular course, Keto for Women, has helped women all across the world learn how to ditch the restrictive, all-or-nothing mindset associated with keto and instead thrive through the power of metabolic flexibility.

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